Sunday, May 13, 2007

Episode 45

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This is John Wheeler and you're listening to episode 45 of "This Week in Nuclear."

In my last show I mentioned the new informational video designed to inform young people about careers in nuclear science, engineering and technology. In this show I'm going to do something a little different - we're going to listen to the sound track of the video, then I have a panel of experts from he target audience who will critique the video ad share their thoughts on it.

You're listening to an audio podcast, but I'm also posting the video on my web site as a video podcast - it will show up as episode 46 of the show. I'll also imbed the video in my show notes so you can view it from there. You'll have to come back to the podcast to hear the critique by a panel of young people.

So, without further delay…lights..cameras..action!

Watch the Video Here

That was the audio from the new nuclear careers video.

Now we'll get on with the critique. I had a chance to play the video for Tiffany, Ally, Jack, Raya, and Charlie who are between 15 and 19 years old - the target audience of the video. Tune in to the podcast and hear what they had to say!

Happy Mother's Day!


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