Sunday, January 08, 2006

This Week in Nuclear - Episode 3 - January 8, 2006

PodCast Episode 3

This week we discuss a number of stories including the following:
  1. The on-going trouble with Iran and how their claims of peaceful intent simply don't add up.
  2. Russia's recent curtailment of the natural gas supply in Europe is leading Germany to rethink the phase-out of nuclear power plants.
  3. Town government initiatives at Seabrook and Pilgrim.
  4. Finally, we'll summarize the current state of new nuclear plant construction in the United States.
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Disclaimers and Rules By Which I PodCast

I'm working on Episode 3 of "This Week in Nuclear" and hope to get it out by the end of the day. There are a few things I need to make clear for my PodCast listeners:
  1. While I am employed by one of the large U.S. nuclear utilities, my employer is not associated with my Blog or my PodCast.
  2. I am very careful to ensure that news and facts presented are gathered ONLY from publically available sources. There is no proprietary or "insider" information presented in my PodCast.
  3. The opinions presented here are my own or those of my guests, listeners, or other participants and are not necessarily the opinions of my employer.
I'm sure you all understand why these are important!