Monday, January 23, 2006

This Week in Nuclear - Episode 6 - January 23, 2006

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There's a winning bid for Westinghouse Nuclear, and the amount will amaze you!
Also, Progress Energy announces where it will seek a license to build two new nuclear units.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

This Week in Nuclear - Episode 5 - January 22, 2006

PodCast Episode 5

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Topcis and News Stories we cover this week include the following:

  • The US Energy Bill and the Race to Build New Nuclear Plants in the USA
  • INPO-Style Plant Evaluations Start in Japan
  • Iran Up-date
  • Foreign Material causes damage to the Koeberg Main Turbine Generator
  • A bit on the Pebble Bed Reactor
  • China's Nuclear Museum
  • Greenpeace Loses a Court Battle in Bulgaria
  • Massive Earthquake Leaves Japanese Reactor Unharmed
  • Dept. of Justice Indictments for the Davis Besse Event.