Saturday, December 30, 2006

Episode 41

"Ths Week in Nuclear" is One Year Old!

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Here's an interview Don Gillespie, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Alternate energy Holdings, Inc (AEHI) the company that is planning to build a new nuclear plant near Bruneau, Idaho in the USA. This is an out of the ordinary project and an interesting company for several reasons, and I'm happy to be able to share this interview with you.

First off, the project is not a typical of those planned by traditional utilities that are focusing on building a nuclear-powered electricity generating plants. Alternate Energy Holdings is planning a more innovative use of the energy they'll derive from the plant. There are challenges, too because they are planning to build a new reactor design on a new site, and plan to use the energy in new ways, aong with generating electricity. Next, the company is promoting a broader range of energy technologies, all of which will help reduce reliance on petroleum-based energy. Finally, Alternate Energy Holdings itself is a very different kind of company than those who typically enter the nuclear energy industry. I caught up with Don Gillespie on December 27, 2006.

(John Wheeler interview with Don Gillespie Audio)

I'll definitely be following up on Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc., and will report back to you in the future on their progress building that new nuclear plant in Idaho. It'll also be interesting to follow the development of their "urban mini-reactor".

This is a milestone of sorts - this show marks the end of my first year in podcasting "This Week in Nuclear." This has been a truly rewarding experience - I've learned a great deal about many, many topics, made new friends all over the world, and had fun while doing it! I want to thank all of you who have contributed to the show through your many suggestions, comments, letters, and emails. Please keep them coming because that's that interactivity that makes the podcast unique! In just a year the show has grown to more than 1250 regular subscribers in more than 30 countries, and new listeners are subscribing all the time. In fact, the last two or three weeks new listeners have joined in from Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, and Chile.

Happy New Year!



daveg said...

I don't image these are "pebble" reactors?

John Wheeler said...

Don did not elaborate on the fuel design, but that's a possibility. If not, then its likely another ceramic fuel. Small reactors with ceramic fuels can have very good passive heat removal and very high melting points. It would be virtually impossible to induce a core melt.