Sunday, October 08, 2006

Episode 28

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Look for me at the ANS Annual Winter Conference November 12-16, 2006!

1. Shifting political climate in Europe favors nuclear energy expansion.
2. Texas may become the spearhead for new nuclear construction in the USA.
3. Russia continues making reactor and nuclear fuel deals.
4. Egypt reactivates their nuclear energy program.
5. The UCS Report – same old story. Can't they do better?
6. US nuclear plants show huge improvements in safety, cost, and performance since the TMI accident.
7. Upcoming industry meetings and conferences.

Links to stories we discussed this week:
ANS Winter Meeting Nov 12-16, 2006
CONTE COnference Feb 4-7, 2007
ANS Annual Meeting

Tools for Nuclear Geeks:
Steam Tables for Palm OS

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