Sunday, February 12, 2006

This Week in Nuclear - Episode 9 - February 12, 2006

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Stories We Discussed in This Show Included:
  1. World Record Nuclear Output in 2005
  2. The US/India Nuclear Deal
  3. Iran Update
  4. South Africa Faces Power Shortages
  5. Wales Wants Nuclear Plant Life Extension
  6. The US Global Nuclear Energy Partnership
  7. Two New AP1000's at VC Summer Site
  8. Oyster Creek Anti-Nuclear Focus is Flawed
  9. NRC Outlook

1 comment:

Jigar Shah said...

I have been a supporter of Nuclear Power for some time, but am not happy about the lack of clarity around the tangible costs to Ratepayers. Can you explain:
1) Typical costs of nuclear power plants
2) how they avoid cost overruns from delays, lawsuits, etc
3) how waste is accounted for - do the nuclear folks add money to a fund to build Yucca Mountain, etc
4) variable costs